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For as long as I can remember I have loved holistic therapy and healing. Having trained in aromatherapy I developed my passion for creating tinctures and oils and relished opportunities to create handmade beauty products for friends and family, this led me into creating my handmade business that I love and cherish today. I decided to develop my passion for skin and how ingredients interact with it so went on to gain a BA Honours in aesthetic practice. 


As an avid wildlife/animal lover I knew from the beginning that I wanted my handmade products to be palm oil free and above all cruelty free and vegetarian. It goes without saying that we are nothing without our wildlife, pollinators, forests, woods, valleys, lakes, seas, oceans, and we need to protect them.


I am also working on becoming a more sustainable brand and have introduced an eco printer that is environmentally friendly using biodegradable ink that does not impact on the ecosystem. This is a step that I am taking to becoming more sustainable and I hope that with your support I can continue to do so.

Deborah x

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