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It all started with a Bee... and the need for a lip balm believe it or not! My father-in-law has been an apiarist for many years, so I asked for a little bees wax and honey to make my first balm, and Lots Of Love Always AKA LOLA developed naturally from there. Today we create soap, bath and body products plus wax melts and candles.


As an avid wildlife/animal lover I knew from the beginning that I wanted my brand to use only sustainable ingredients hence why palm oil is not added to my soap bars, I also knew that I did not want to compromise on quality so only high grade ingredients which are cruelty free is purchased.  


Our vision during 2021 and 2022 is to introduce new packaging using recycled card and labels that will be printed onto seeded wildflower paper which can be sown in your garden to encourage pollinating insects such as our favourite the honey bee and by using a new eco printer that is environmentally friendly we know that the eco system is protected, this is another step that we are taking to being a sustainable brand, and we hope that with your support we can continue to do so.

Deborah x

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