We pride ourselves on our unique recipes that we have developed to create our signature soaps, which have a creamy texture to the bar.

Cold Process Soap

All soap bars are vegetarian, Palm oil and Cruelty free.

Artisan soap loaves

As you may have guessed by now I make cold process soap. I make them by the loaf (you can see my process on @lola.artisan.skincare), they are always made fresh and cured for 4-6 weeks before shipping to their new homes. This is because cold process soap contains lye and the lye needs to saponify and turn into glycerin which helps to keep the skin moisturised whilst washing. 

A lot of my soaps are scented with essential oil blends and I don't advise using them on young children, this is just a precaution as essential oils contain natural allergens, and I think its best to be safe. I do make goats milk olive oil soaps (castille) with no fragrance which is suitable for young children and I have soaps with fragrance oils that are allergen free, these are fine for all ages.