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LOLA handmade products

Handmade Soap. Natural Skincare. Bath & Body Products. 

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Beauty & the Bees

 I create gentle soap bars, body products and skincare, using ingredients to protect, nourish and moisturise the skin.  I harvest  my bees' surplus honey and wax to ensure they have plenty of stocks for their colonies. Did you know that honey is an amazing ingredient full of healing properties and antioxidants that can help dry skin conditions (if you want to read more about the benefits of it in skincare click here.) All products are available in Vegan options too.

All products are Cruelty-Free and Palm Free, plus my ingredients are sourced from cruelty free businesses.

 I also create natural soap soap bars for wholesale businesses and if you are interested please click 'contact us' at the bottom of the page.

I hope that you love your LOLA skincare as much as I love making it.

Lots Of Love Always,


Cold Process Soap

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I create handmade soap made using the age-old tradition of 'cold process' This is where the glycerin is retained in the soap to help cleanse and moisturise without stripping the skin's delicate barrier. This method has a curing time to ensure each soap bar is as gentle on the skin as possible.

 Ingredients  I use include Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Sunflower and Olive oil, all help nourish the very driest of skin conditions such as eczema to create a mild soap bar.  They are packaged sustainably and shipped. I have never used Palm oil to make my soaps or skincare. None of the ingredients I use or the finished products are tested on animals.

LOLA handmade soaps
LOLA bath and products


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Oil hydrates the skin and even those with oilier complexions can and should use oils. It is understood that stripping the skin of its delicate acid mantle will disrupt the balance and we know that all skin makes oil to keep it supple and looking young. However aggressors such as pollution, sun damage and hormonal imbalance can disrupt the skins oil regulation, and to restore this it needs a help in hand. I have designed my face, body and bath oils to have ingredients that work in synergy with the skin and I wanted to keep them as natural as possible. I have researched the perfect oils that will restore, re-balance and enhance the skins natural beauty without compromising it.

My Lotion bars are for drier skin types and contain butters to deeply hydrate and protect. My scrubs are perfect for all skin types, these all also have limited ingredients to keep them natural and uncompromising.

Gifts and Box Sets

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I have a selection of gifts and handy box sets available. Gifts are constantly being updated and if you require a bespoke gift set then please contact me via the "Contact Us" section of the website with your request. 

Box sets are very handy as they contain a mix of products from my ranges making them cost-effective as they contain travel sizes and bespoke sizes or come without additional packaging which means they are even more affordable.

Handmade gift set

My Ethos and Vision for LOLA


I am committed to becoming a fully sustainable brand. I recycle, reuse and save where  I can.  Ingredients and products are 100% vegetarian, and some products are vegan as they contain no bee products. The majority of fragrance oils are allergen free, none of the ingredients or fragrances are tested on animals, nor are the essential oils so you can be 100% certain that the products you buy from me are safe and kind to all.



I use natural ingredients, natural powders and pure essential oils in the creation of my products. These ingredients are chosen for their superb qualities and because they do a great job keeping the skin healthy and balanced. I decided along time ago I would not use Palm oil in my products and I source ingredients that do not contain it such as emulsifiers.

I am open and transparent about what I use and how it benefits the skin, I am a trained skin therapist with over 15 years experience and if you have any queries, then please contact me I am here to help.


I do not believe in animal testing and am 100% against it.  Animals are sentient and should be protected and treated with love and respect. It is society's duty to provide free and natural habitats for them to thrive and I try to do this as best I can. I have created a wild garden and planted flowers that attract pollinators of all kinds, I have built a natural pond to attract different species which has also created a bathing, drinking and general meeting space for all the birds in my local area, I am regularly greeted to a 5 am bird sing-along wake up call!


In the future I hope to open a skin and wellness clinic so that I can treat skin concerns face-to-face. I envision an apothecary style where I can tailor-make products  and offer bespoke hands-on treatments in my clinic. I would like to conduct small workshops and promote mindfulness, wellness and self-care using bee-therapy and more.

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