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Honey Bee Soap bar
Honey Bee Soap bar

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Honey soaps
Honey soaps

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Luxury soap
Luxury soap

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Welcome to LOLA Artisan Skincare, a Natural Soap and Artisan Skincare company in the heart of England. What started out as a hobby, has become our passion and we're delighted to share it with you. Our soap products are created using the time old tradition 'cold process' which saponifies our ingredients extracting the glycerin into our soap bars, unlike shop bought soap we leave this in as it has great moisturising and humectant properties beneficial to the skin helping to keep it healthy and balanced. We strive to be sustainable and use our own locally produced honey and beeswax for our soap, lotions and lip balms. We are a family business and all of our creations are handmade in small batches using no palm oil, we are also 100% cruelty free and vegetarian. We’re proud to have produced years of happy customers and look forward to continuing our work for many more to come!

loaded with natural ingredients

Our ingredients are chosen for their superb qualities and for keeping the skin microbiome healthy and balanced. Some of our oils include Avocado, Olive, Apricot, Sweet Almond, Jojoba and more. We hand make our products and are open and transparent about what we use and why.

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We are committed to becoming a fully sustainable brand. We recycle/reuse where we can. We are 100% vegetarian and some of our creations are vegan.

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We use butters and oils such as Cocoa and Coconut and natural compounds including clay and dead sea mud  to create our products. We are Palm oil and animal product free. Our essential oils and fragrance oils are vegetarian and cruelty free.

LOLA artisan skincare

Our Ethos

We are against animal testing and that includes the ingredients that we buy in as well as our own products. We believe all animals are sentient and should be treated with love and respect by all.

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Our Vision

Our mission is to open our own holistic skincare clinic in the future so that you can shop our products whilst receiving wonderful facials and skincare advice from our expert skin specialist.

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