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honey and oats natural soap.

Re-connecting skin with nature

I have created my products to be synergistic with the skin, to not disrupt the acid mantle, which is the skin's upper layer of the stratum corneum (top layer) and is responsible for moisture protection and keeping out bacteria such as pollution, fungus and viruses.  The acid mantle is made from a combination of sebum (oil) and amino acids found in sweat making it ever so slightly acidic in a range from 4.6 - 6 pH and this acidity restricts pollutants from growing, maintaining the skins natural microbiome keeping it healthy.

Hello I'm Debbie the creator of LOLA Skincare 

Background and Journey

LOLA Skincare (Lots Of Love Always) is a UK-based, natural soap and skincare company created with a desire to treat the skin holistically.

Debbie has a vast amount of knowledge in skin and skincare, she has a BA Honours First-Class Degree in aesthetics which provided 3 years of in-depth training of the skin, its make-up, and what can damage it, she is highly skilled in laser skin rejuvenation, LED therapy, micro-needling and chemical peels. Debbie also has a qualification in aromatherapy and holistic treatments including facial massage, lymphatic drainage, and reflexology with over 15 years experience in beauty.

Hello I'm Debbie the creator of LOLA Skincare 

I have discovered so much about how amazing our skin is on my journey, it can tell us so many things just by looking at it. As I got older and my skin has matured I turned my thoughts to a more holistic and natural way to care for my skin. We have always had bee hives in our family and have made candles and sold honey for many years. I never thought about creating skincare from honey until I began to research its amazing properties, from then I was hooked and wanted to make each product not only from my skills and knowledge that I have gained during my career but mother nature herself  and the amazing honey bee, I borrow elements from them to create skincare that is holistic, kind and effective.

bumble bee on lavender.jpg


The Humble Honey Bee

Honeybee on flower at LOLA

When I first started taking the honey and wax from our bees it presented me with so many questions, not just moral but ethical too, so much that I couldn’t simply take it without first investigating into the effects upon bees, my father-in-law (an apiarist with 30 years' experience) mentored and provided me with knowledge of his own personal experience and as long as only the surplus is taken and the bees are cared for during the winter months, then honey will be plentiful and it is but it is a delicate balance. Caring for our apiaries has inspired me to become more conscious and responsible of the environment, wildlife, fauna and fungi that we rely on but rarely give a second thought to.

I will continue to nurture honeybees in a sustainable manner, with the aim being in the future of producing wild bee colonies long-term. However, this is a very small step in the environmental challenges that we all face. I am constantly evolving my products, packaging and even grow some of my ingredients/herbs in the effort to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

As I have said a lot LOLA has always been a palm oil free brand and the ingredients, fragrance/essential oils I use are cruelty free. I research and source responsibly, whether it be locally produced or from further afield.

Honey and its Amazing Properties

My soap, face and body care products are made with honey which is carefully extracted from my hives. Honey is a fantastic addition as it has long-standing benefits for promoting skin healing. Honey is also a powerful antioxidant, containing polyphenols that naturally protect the skin from free radicals. Honey also boasts fantastic antimicrobial properties allowing cleansing of the skin without stripping away the natural oils.

Honey is packed with enzymes, amino acids, and nutrients from the plants and flowers that the bees consume on their journeys, and these are all wonderful for skin health. Being hygroscopic honey retains and draws moisture to the skin, keeping it healthy and radiant. Studies show that many of the medicinal properties of plants can be transmitted through honey, so using honey in skincare may help transport medicinal plant properties to the skin.

Essential Oil Benefits

Having trained in aromatherapy I love the amazing qualities of essential oils, their psychological and physiological effects on the human psyche are often overlooked, so it's great to see them become more prominent in skincare again. Over the years my passion evolved from creating basic balms and oils for my customers to include essential oils and other actives. I've been on a wonderful ingredient journey testing the best butters and oils from around the world to use alongside the honey, additives, and essential oils in my product formulations this has been a great journey of discovery and it is ever evolving. 

LOLA handmade soap bars

LOLA ~ The meaning behind the name

Grief is a powerful and overwhelming emotion. The pain cannot be measured by how much you have lost but rather by how much you have loved, whether that be a human or an animal the pain is still immeasurable and and the loss of our beloved Lola, who passed away suddenly at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic affected me greatly, she was my first dog and a wonderful companion for 10 years.

It makes me extremely proud to have named my little company after her, and it makes a fitting tribute to her as she is greatly missed.

LOLA is the acronym of Lots Of Love Always, and when I see my brand's name it will forever bring me comfort and joy.

Lola beloved dog which brand is named after

Bee-Sixty Eight Soap Set

Pouring oils beforehand

LOLA handmade natural soaps gift set

Work Kitchen and Roses

Creative Space

I designed the work kitchen and the garden to be as bee, pollinator and bird friendly as possible, I have planted trees, and fruits, vegetables and herbs along with bee loving plants and flowers. I have a natural beehive in the wild garden area by the natural pond. I created this to help with my mental health and well-being and to appreciate the wildlife whilst working it helps with focus too and is quite inspiring.

 I now utilise my garden by growing and using Lavender, Mint, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Rosemary, and more to make infusions, I also dry the lavender, rose petals and herbs for smudging and for decorations in my gift boxes.

LOLA Creative space

Luxurious Lather!

The fantastic lather from 'Sour Puss' honey soap 

Busy Bees!

 Busy Honey Bees 

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