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Contains 1 soap bar

2 Bath truffles 

4 Bath melts

1 body lotion bar mini


Truffles and melts contain Cocoa and Shea butter and a mild vegetable surfactant. Truffles bubble while melts lather.

Lotion bars have no preservatives and are excellent for dry skin areas.


Set includes a cotton jute bag and soap dish.

Indulgence Soap & Bath Gift Box

  • Indulgence bath set contains 1  SOAP which may include while stocks last one of the following

    SUNSRISE with coconut milk, and citrus essential oils. 100g

    SOUR PUSS With coconut milk and a allergen free fragrance 100g

    HYDRATING LOTION BAR Cocoa and hemp vegan. 50g OR PROTECTING LOTION BAR Beeswax and Honey 50g

    LIP BALM cocoa butter and chocolate flavour. 10g

    2 ICE CREAM SCOOP BATH TRUFFLES Cocoa and Shea butter, gently foaming agent derived from coconut. 40g

    2 BATH MELTS Cocoa and Shea butter, gently foaming agent derived from coconut in 4 fragrances, Strawberry, Vanilla, Rosebud, Violet, Jasmin. 20g

    Total Wt. 300g app.



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